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Top 5 News: 1/2/16-1/8/16

Top 5 logo1) 2015 New Drug Approvals Hit 66-Year High! – Forbes, 1/4/2015
2015 has been a remarkable year for pharmaceutical innovation. What would have been a dream (or perhaps a delusion) a few years ago has happened.

2) Key takeaways from the state’s new digital-health initiative BBJ, 1/7/2016
Elected officials and key stakeholders in the Bay State’s health care and technology sectors gathered at Boston Childrens Hospital to unveil a new public-private partnership aimed at expanding the state’s role in the fast-emerging electronic-health care sector.

3) This Startup’s Painkiller Is Stronger Than Morphine and Non-Addictive BostInno, 1/4/2016
From a very early age, we’re taught the evils of drug addiction. No one ever starts off their lives aspiring to be an addict, and there’s a perception that anyone who is addicted to drugs belongs in the dregs of society.

4) Eight Milestones Of 2015 In The War On Cancer Forbes, 1/1/2016
Fourteen the 45 novel drugs that hit the market in 2015 were approved by the U.S. Food & Drug administration to treat cancer—offering new hope for patients battling multiple myeloma, colon cancer, thyroid cancer and many other forms of the disease. It was a good year for pharma companies working in oncology, to be sure.

5) 30 Under 30: Meet The Entrepreneurs Who Are Fixing The Healthcare System – Forbes, 1/4/2016
These researchers and entrepreneurs aren’t just improving how we do healthcare. They’re reinventing it.


MassCONNECT Showcase Features Four New Startup Teams

MassCONNECTMassCONNECT, the only entrepreneur mentorship program in Massachusetts that dives deep into the life sciences industry, kicked off its first cycle of 2015 with a Technology Showcase at LabCentral on February 24th. At the Showcase, the chosen entrepreneurs presented their ideas to a room of industry executives and potential mentors for early feedback.

First up to present was Yoav Golan, MD, MS of Tufts NewCo. This new company started by Golan and his colleague Abraham (Linc) Sonenshein, PhD is developing a new non-antibiotic molecular entity to prevent and treat C. Difficile, a leading cause of healthcare associated bacterial infections.

Next up was Cinzia Metallo, PhD of Biomille Technologies which has developed the first device specifically designed for facial muscle rehabilitation. Biomille’s electrodes are shaped to match the muscle anatomy of the face and enable patients affected by a vast range of facial impairments to regain their facial muscle functionality.

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