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Top 5 News: 1/2/16-1/8/16

Top 5 logo1) 2015 New Drug Approvals Hit 66-Year High! – Forbes, 1/4/2015
2015 has been a remarkable year for pharmaceutical innovation. What would have been a dream (or perhaps a delusion) a few years ago has happened.

2) Key takeaways from the state’s new digital-health initiative BBJ, 1/7/2016
Elected officials and key stakeholders in the Bay State’s health care and technology sectors gathered at Boston Childrens Hospital to unveil a new public-private partnership aimed at expanding the state’s role in the fast-emerging electronic-health care sector.

3) This Startup’s Painkiller Is Stronger Than Morphine and Non-Addictive BostInno, 1/4/2016
From a very early age, we’re taught the evils of drug addiction. No one ever starts off their lives aspiring to be an addict, and there’s a perception that anyone who is addicted to drugs belongs in the dregs of society.

4) Eight Milestones Of 2015 In The War On Cancer Forbes, 1/1/2016
Fourteen the 45 novel drugs that hit the market in 2015 were approved by the U.S. Food & Drug administration to treat cancer—offering new hope for patients battling multiple myeloma, colon cancer, thyroid cancer and many other forms of the disease. It was a good year for pharma companies working in oncology, to be sure.

5) 30 Under 30: Meet The Entrepreneurs Who Are Fixing The Healthcare System – Forbes, 1/4/2016
These researchers and entrepreneurs aren’t just improving how we do healthcare. They’re reinventing it.


Top 5 News: 12/12-12/18

Top 5 logo1) Congress clears bill that would increase NIH budget by $2 billion – STAT, 12/18/2015
Congress easily approved a federal spending bill Friday with the biggest funding increase for the National Institutes of Health in 12 years — the final hurdle that had to be cleared before President Obama can sign the bill into law.

2) Massachusetts biotechs behind one-in-six drugs approved by FDA this year BBJ, 12/15/2015
In a record-setting run for drug approvals, one out of six drugs approved so far this year was developed or marketed by a Massachusetts company.

3) Massachusetts Life Sciences Center awards $930,000 to local companies for research Boston Globe, 12/16/2015
The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center said Wednesday it has granted $930,000 to Massachusetts companies to support research and development collaborations through the agency’s “Universal Partnerships” program.

4) Promote, not curtail, biopharma industryThe Lowell Sun, 12/14/2015
Focusing in part on the actions of a hedge-fund manager as a reflection of the biopharma industry does not give an accurate depiction of the cost and value of drug discovery, treatment, and cures (Editorial: Obscene drug profits need price-cure Rx, Dec. 7).

5) Not slowing down: Here are all the Massachusetts biotechs that held IPOs in 2015 – BBJ, 12/17/2015
This year’s wrap-up of initial public offerings by IPO research firm Renaissance Capital calls the year “a disappointment,” with the $30 billion raised across all sectors at a six-year low.But you wouldn’t know it here in Massachusetts, where 11 biotechs went public since Jan. 1 — the second-highest number for the sector in more than a decade. Those 11 biotechs raised a total of $870 million. By contrast, just two Bay State-based technology companies went public this year.