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Top 5 News: 5/29-6/5

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MassBio Update: Congrats to Peter Abair, Director of Economic Development & Global Affairs at MassBio on being named MassBioEd’s new Executive Director! Read the Press Announcement

1) Takeda Pharmaceuticals to move U.S. vaccine headquarters to Cambridge area – BBJ, 6/2/15
Takeda Pharmaceuticals announced it will move the U.S. headquarters for its unit devoted to developing vaccines for diseases like norovirus, dengue and seasonal influenza to the Cambridge area.

​2) EMD Millipore set for expansion with $17b takeover  Boston Globe, 5/29/15
EMD Millipore, begun in 1954 as a local filtration company, is poised to become a much larger player in the fast-growing business of supplying life sciences equipment to drug makers and research labs worldwide. The company is set to complete its $17 billion takeover of Sigma-Aldrich Corp. this summer. The deal will boost the company’s global sales more than 70 percent to about $6 billion annually and double its global workforce to 20,000, including more than 1,000 in Massachusetts.

3) National cancer trial to use technology from Waltham company  BBJ, 6/1/15
Does the secret to curing a person’s cancer lie in their DNA?
That’s what scientists hope, and they will use genetic sequencing technology from Waltham-based Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO) to look for mutations within a person’s DNA to match them with the best cancer medicine.

4) BU scientist uses existing drugs in fight against Ebola  Boston Globe, 6/4/15
Hoping to develop a drug against Ebola, but lacking the $1 billion to bring a new medicine to market, Boston University infectious disease researcher Gene Olinger turned to a more affordable source of drugs — those already available at his local pharmacy.

5) A year after emerging from coma, Boylston teen to showcase invention on world’s biotech stage  BBJ, 6/4/15
A Central Massachusetts teen is headed to Philadelphia next week to show off his discovery of a biodegradable replacement for plastic before hundreds of the world’s biggest biotech firms. His travel to the conference is being funded by the state’s industry group, MassBio.