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Top 5 News: 1/9-1/15

Top 5 logo1) Reports of GE’s move follow years of local expansion of its life sciences business – BBJ, 1/13/2016
News that GE is moving its headquarters to the state comes a year and a half after the company moved the headquarters for its life sciences business to Marlborough.

2)  Key takeaways from the Shire-Baxalta deal — and the state’s new largest drugmaker BBJ, 1/11/2016
With the planned acquisition announced this morning of two drugmakers both with a major presence in the Bay State, Shire Pharmaceuticals could soon be the state’s biggest drugmaker, eclipsing Biogen in employees and very possibly in both revenue and market value.

3) Drug trailblazers Moderna, Juno grab forum’s spotlight Boston Globe, 1/15/2016
 New ways to fight diseases are guaranteed to get plenty of attention at the top gathering of health care entrepreneurs and investors. So it’s no surprise that Moderna Therapeutics Inc. and Juno Therapeutics Inc., pioneers in potentially game-changing drug discovery technologies, emerged as two of the highest profile companies at this week’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

4)  State opens annual tax program for life science firms that create jobs BBJ, 1/14/2016
In a good sign for continued funding of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the state agency today announced it’s taking applications for the annual tax incentive program which rewards companies for creating jobs.

5) NIH pumps $260m into search for disease genes that matter – STAT, 1/14/2016
Federal science officials on Thursday announced the launch of a $260 million program to identify rare gene variants that raise or lower people’s risk of developing such common conditions as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and autism — the latest Big Science effort to mine DNA sequences for medical breakthroughs.


Top 5 News 5/23-5/29

Top 5 logo1) Drug maker, stakeholders converge in race ‘to prevent boys from dying’ (Video) – BBJ, 5/29/15
Ed Kaye’s background is in neurochemical research and pediatric neurology, but ask about his goals for Sarepta Therapeutics, and you’ll get about as non-technical an answer as it gets. “If we could prevent boys from dying from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, that would be a really good thing,” said Kaye, the company’s interim CEO.

​2) Mass. economic development czar says he will name a new leader for life science agency  BBJ, 5/26/15
Jay Ash, the state’s secretary of Housing and Economic Development, said today he plans to restart the search for a new leader of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center as that agency’s current leader steps down from her post at the end of the month.

3) How the upgraded zebrafish facility at Boston Children’s will boost drug research  BBJ, 5/27/15
For 20 years, Leonard Zon has been a pioneer in drug research at Boston Children’s Hospital based on a one inch-long sea animal known as the zebrafish.Today, Zon and the hospital showcased a $4 million upgrade to the hospital’s zebrafish facility, thanks to the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, which will ensure the region stays at the forefront of such research for years to come.

4) ​$737M deal between Editas and Juno a ‘compelling marriage’ of two approaches  BBJ, 5/19/15
A partnership announced today with Seattle-based Juno Therapeutics is more than just the first major deal for privately held Cambridge biotech Editas Medicine. It’s also, in Editas CEO Katrine Bosley’s words, a “compelling marriage” of two cutting-edge technologies with the potential to treat a wide variety of cancers.

5) Biotech companies secure state grants, 5/27/15
Aiming to fund startups earlier in their lifecycle to fill a gap they’ve identified in the Bay State’s booming biotech market, a state agency on Tuesday approved $2.2 million in grants for companies to reach early-stage milestones. “This was a gap in which Massachusetts often loses companies to other states,” said Susan Windham-Bannister, the outgoing president of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Before the center’s board approved the grants to 12 companies, Windham-Bannister said larger biotech corporations have been moving to the Bay State because of “our rich pipeline of early stage companies.”