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Top 5 News: 1/16-1/22

Top 5 logo1) Dozens of drug makers agree on effort to combat antibiotic resistance – STAT, 1/20/2016
In an unprecedented bid to address antibiotic resistance, more than 80 drug and device makers have issued a declaration urging governments to “support investment” in developing medicines and diagnostic tools to combat drug-resistant infections.

2) Exclusive: Fast-growing gene-editing biotech expanding near Kendall Square BBJ, 1/22/2016
A rapidly growing Cambridge-based gene-editing company has snapped up 65,000 square feet of coveted East Cambridge real estate with plans to house a newly created division in the space.

3) GE Life Sciences to hire 100 more people in 2016 BBJ, 1/21/2016
As General Electric Co. prepares to move to relocate corporate headquarters to Massachusetts, GE Healthcare Life Sciences is finalizing its own move into new space and planning to hire over 100 new employees.

4) MassBio Testimony: Healthcare Financing Committee Hearing on Drug Cost & Value – MassBio, 1/19/2016
On January 19th, MassBio, at the request of the Joint Committee on Healthcare Financing, testified at the first in a series of informational sessions intended to provide legislators, stakeholders, and the public with a comprehensive understanding of issues of drug cost and value.

5) Video: Experts predict the future of Big Data at #JPM16 – FierceBiotech, 1/19/2016
Storing, analyzing and managing the big data sets that are being created around genomics for drug development has created challenges for the biopharma industry. Some leaders in the field, including Google and the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, have been battering down some of these barriers, making it possible to explore the data for clues about new drug development opportunities.


MassBio Spotlights Massachusetts CROs & CMOs

By: Meaghan Casey

With a focus on leveraging strategic partners to accelerate drug development, the MassBio CRO/CMO Symposium was held on Nov. 13 at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel.

CROCMO symposium_46633

Bob Coughlin, President & CEO of MassBio opened the Symposium.

“We know that more biopharma companies are contracting services out—or remaining virtual—in order to bring new products to market faster and more efficiently, and we know Massachusetts companies can provide the full spectrum of services,” said MassBio President & CEO Robert K. Coughlin. “We need to talk about how to ensure our competitiveness well into the future.”


The exhibit hall at the event highlighted CROs & CMOs in Massachusetts and beyond.

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Washington Update: October Review

Lawmakers had a busy and productive month in October. In addition to electing a new Speaker of the House, legislators passed a two-year budget deal, debt ceiling increase, and temporary extension of the Highway Bill. The Senate also passed a bipartisan cybersecurity bill. Discussions continued over long-term transportation reauthorization legislation, and the House passed a long-awaited reconciliation package repealing key portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The final two months of the year are expected to yield deals on the highway bill and an omnibus appropriations package to fund the federal government.















With the Senate and House in session together for only two weeks in November, lawmakers will work together to address issues running up against impending deadlines. This includes finalizing a deal on a multi-year Highway Bill by November 20 and negotiating an omnibus spending bill to fund the government past December 11. Congress will also spend November looking for a path forward on the vetoed National Defense Authorization Act and reconcile the House and Senate versions of cybersecurity legislation.

In the House, newly-minted Speaker Ryan will spend the first month in his new office setting the tone for his tenure and laying out a broad agenda for the coming months, including possible reform measures for House rules to assuage the House Freedom Caucus. In the Senate, lawmakers will first turn their attention to legislation blocking Administration rules affecting waterways in the U.S. The upper chamber is also expected to take up the House reconciliation package that repeals key portions of the ACA. Read the rest of this entry

#PatientDriven Campaign


MassBio is proud to announce the launch of our #PatientDriven Campaign!

This campaign is designed to encourage companies, non-profits, & life sciences professionals to post social media messages sharing why they chose to work in a life sciences related field and communicate how the work they do is #PatientDriven.

We know there are millions of professionals who chose to work in the life sciences industry because they have watched a loved one battle a disease or they themselves are a patient. It’s time to bring these stories to light and tell the world why we are #PatientDriven.

From October 20th leading up to MassBio’s 2nd Annual Patient Advocacy Summit on Tuesday, October 27th, we encourage you to follow #PatientDriven on social media and share why you are motivated by patients.

Our President & CEO Bob Coughlin is #PatientDriven because his 13 year old son is battling Cystic Fibrosis. Bob is thankful for all of the #PatientDriven professionals working in the life sciences industry!

Learn more about why MassBio’s staff are #PatientDriven!

staff patient driven

Be sure to check out our Storify recapping our #PatientDriven Twitter Chat that united patients and life sciences companies to talk patient-industry collaboration to accelerate treatments & cures!

Top 5 News: 9/26-10/2

Top 5 logo1) Industry officials talk drug costs, disclosure at Mass. biotech caucus – State House News, 10/1/2015
Biotechnology experts on Thursday agreed that high cost of developing medications must be addressed, but said legislation to require disclosure of development costs is not the solution.

2) FierceBiotech’s 2015 Fierce 15 – FierceBiotech, 9/30/2015
Whatever lies ahead for biotech in 2016, we can now look back on a 3-year-long stretch of good times for the industry. Venture groups have used the wave of biotech IPO exits and M&A deals to go back and raise more money from institutional investors. And as billions of dollars in fresh capital has converged with brilliant new scientific thinking, the result is a whole new wave of standout innovators as represented here by the Fierce 15.

3) FDA Approves Bristol-Myers’s Yervoy, Opdivo for Treatment of Melanoma – WSJ, 10/1/2015
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first therapy combining two cutting-edge cancer drugs that unleash the body’s immune system against tumors—a combination that will cost more than $250,000 per patient for the first full year, according to its manufacturer.

4) ​Cambridge drug firm Infinity earns $130 million milestone from AbbVie – BBJ, 9/30/2015
Infinity Pharmaceuticals announced today that the company has enrolled the 120th, and final, patient into a mid-stage study involving patients with a form of blood cancer, resulting in a payout that doubles its cash on hand.

5) Third Rock launches cancer-fighting startup – Boston Globe, 10/1/2015
Third Rock Ventures, a prominent Boston life sciences investor, has launched a cancer-fighting startup with funding from two other investors.