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Guest Post: Keeping Biotech Buildings Green: Genzyme case presented at MassBio Forum

By: Michael Cohen, Founding Partner, Cohen Partners

Thermal image of Genzyme boiler

Thermal image of a Genzyme boiler.

Imagine preheating the fresh air drawn in on a steamy July afternoon because your smart building thinks it’s below zero outside.

That’s what happened recently at a Genzyme facility in Massachusetts, but the people working in the offices, labs and biomanufacturing suites didn’t realize there was a problem because the air-cooling system went into overdrive and chilled the preheated air before distributing it throughout the building.

“Simultaneous heating and cooling is a big issue,” said Steven P. Driver Ph.D., Energy Program Manager at Genzyme. “Our biggest offenders are green buildings. When things go out of calibration, we go through a lot more energy.”

Driver was a panelist at the MassBio Forum, Selling Sustainability – How You Can Incorporate Efficient Practices Now on October 28, 2015 that focused on sustainability programs and energy efficiency best-practices for life sciences research laboratories and biotech manufacturing companies. Read the rest of this entry