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Around the World in 120 Days: Europe is our next stop!

Guest Post by Maude Tessier, Assistant Director, Business Development and Strategic Initiatives, TIDO of Boston Children’s Hospital

Maude Tessier HeadshotAccording to Ernst and Young, Europe represents about 30% of the total pharmaceutical sales worldwide, second only to North America which represents 40%. We’ve all read news pieces about how UK’s N.I.C.E. is sometimes not very “nice” to biotech and pharma companies, but how well do you know this territory’s current, as well as future, challenges and opportunities? I believe that the US has a lot to learn about what’s going on in Europe and these trends happening over the ocean affect us here in Boston. As Asian and Emerging markets rise, we seem to hear less about Europe. However, with a strong academic base, highly skilled workforce, and a number of government incentives, Europe continues to be an important territory in any biopharmaceutical company strategy as a market for products and as a venue for collaboration at all stages of drug development.ATW balloon

The second part of the “Around the World in 120 Days” Forum series on April 10th will introduce key concepts of performing business in Europe and will provide an opportunity to reflect on how this market is evolving. We have a stellar lineup of international presenters and panelists (folks are flying in from the U.K. and from Denmark!), led by moderator Mark Leuchtenberger, CEO of Acusphere and member of MassBio’s Board of Directors. We will discuss topics such as:

  • What is the intrinsic value of the EU commercial opportunity? How has this relative value increased, decreased, or remained the same over the last ten years?
  • What are the greatest potential opportunities and pitfalls that companies face when attempting to extend their operations into the EU?
  • What are the factors that influence corporate development decisions to invest in EU at each stage?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of partnering/collaborating with a European company?

Please join us as knowledgeable executives tackle these subjects and, importantly, share memorable stories from their own experiences. You’ll also get the chance to interact with several foreign delegations that will be in attendance. Kick start your European strategy with MassBio!

Click here to register for the Europe 101 Forum, 8-10am on April 10!


About the author: Maude Tessier is Assistant Director, Business Development and Strategic Initiatives, TIDO of Boston Children’s Hospital. Maude joined TIDO of Boston Children’s Hospital in 2008. Maude’s role is to initiate, develop and realize partnerships and alliances between Boston Children’s and industry partners that create value at all stages of development, and including pre-clinical and clinical investigation.

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