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Top 5 News: 1/16-1/22

Top 5 logo1) Dozens of drug makers agree on effort to combat antibiotic resistance – STAT, 1/20/2016
In an unprecedented bid to address antibiotic resistance, more than 80 drug and device makers have issued a declaration urging governments to “support investment” in developing medicines and diagnostic tools to combat drug-resistant infections.

2) Exclusive: Fast-growing gene-editing biotech expanding near Kendall Square BBJ, 1/22/2016
A rapidly growing Cambridge-based gene-editing company has snapped up 65,000 square feet of coveted East Cambridge real estate with plans to house a newly created division in the space.

3) GE Life Sciences to hire 100 more people in 2016 BBJ, 1/21/2016
As General Electric Co. prepares to move to relocate corporate headquarters to Massachusetts, GE Healthcare Life Sciences is finalizing its own move into new space and planning to hire over 100 new employees.

4) MassBio Testimony: Healthcare Financing Committee Hearing on Drug Cost & Value – MassBio, 1/19/2016
On January 19th, MassBio, at the request of the Joint Committee on Healthcare Financing, testified at the first in a series of informational sessions intended to provide legislators, stakeholders, and the public with a comprehensive understanding of issues of drug cost and value.

5) Video: Experts predict the future of Big Data at #JPM16 – FierceBiotech, 1/19/2016
Storing, analyzing and managing the big data sets that are being created around genomics for drug development has created challenges for the biopharma industry. Some leaders in the field, including Google and the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, have been battering down some of these barriers, making it possible to explore the data for clues about new drug development opportunities.


Through the Eyes of the Patient: MassBio’s 2nd Annual Patient Advocacy Summit

PA Summit Logo draft final

MassBio’s 2nd Annual Patient Advocacy Summit educated & inspired the 200+ attendees that gathered from the life sciences community.

Keynote: Ron Suskind

The day kicked off with an unforgettable keynote by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and best-selling author Ron Suskind. Ron is the father of Owen, who was diagnosed with regressive autism at the age of three. Ron lamented over the years during which he and his wife struggled to connect with Owen. Finally, Ron broke through. How? He listened to the patient.

Owen is obsessed with Disney movies. Ron took a leap of faith one day and picked up an Iago puppet from Aladdin off Owen’s bedroom floor. Ron channeled the character and opened up a dialogue with Owen. It was a pivotal moment that would change the rest of their lives.

ron and owen

Finally, Ron had broken through and found a way to communicate with his son.

Ron’s heartfelt keynote drove home a patient-centric message. His closing words were powerful ones:

Look through the eyes of the patient, it’s amazing what you’ll learn.” – Ron Suskind

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